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I apologize for the absence,but…

I’ve been in Morocco. Running an inn, where people come on vacation, can make one long for a vacation of their own. And so, Morocco came to be. It’s an amazing country! In Marrakech, we walked the streets, fragrant with cumin and mint, storks flying overhead, and, after turning one corner, a man half-squating, pooping into a clear plastic bag. Ah, the sights…the smells!

It was an amazing trip. We started in Casablanca, moved the Fez, traveled through the snow of the Atlas Mountains, rode unruly camels in the Sahara, and ended in Marrakech, where the continents of Europe and Africa meet in a sometimes uncomfortable union. Surrounded by desert, and colonized by the French, Morocco is very much more near Madrid than Nairobi. At night, bars are filled with men drinking beer, and when the call for prayer is made, maybe 35% of those who hear it go to their mosque.

The rugs are beautiful. I bought a camel leather bag in the Fez leather works that amazes me to this day. We were surprised by the large Jewish community that lived, and in part still does live, in Morocco. We visited synagogues and viewed numerous gates that opened to the old Jewish quarters, close to the Royal Palace. Tile is everywhere. The kind of tile that we pay hundreds of dollars for in this country; tiles rich in color, skillfully crafted by men sitting on rugs with small hand axes. Lasers may be more precise, but hand-worked craftsmanship is timeless.

But even timelessness has its limits. So we have returned to Granville. The lambs are frolicking. The llamas are ornery, and the goats are fat. It’s good to be home. I’ve forgotten what to do at feeding time, the rabbits went without hay yesterday. Today, however, they received a double helping and spent the day outside. There are two robin nests right outside the laundry room door, with babies inside, and it’s quite the commotion each time someone walks by them. The trees are in bloom. It’s great to be home…and it’s a privilege. Over the past 2 weeks we’ve seem too many people in need, but many of them, oddly, did have satellite dishes. So if they can’t have a bed, at least they can see the one on Everybody Loves Raymond, and wonder, like me, who would put gray wallpaper on any wall in their home.

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  1. Diana Jones says:

    Glad you are home safe and sound.

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