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Medicinal Herbs…Say What?!

Today I bought some Feverfew – good for migraines they say. I don’t have migraines, but it’s a comfort to know should I ever get one, a natural remedy is growing in my garden. While I wait for one, I’m drinking champagne and watching Jeff Lewis mock people who can’t decorate. The dogs are lounging on the floor, the alpacas are eating grass, and I thought a pig was being delivered this afternoon. While she isn’t here yet, it’s technically still the afternoon.

I image Ms. Piggie will come riding up in a Mini convertible. I suspect she’ll have a white scarf covering her head, and be over-accesorized with turquoise jewelry. She’ll smell like Skin-So-Soft, mixed with hay…and mud. We’ve decided to welcome a new member to the family because Bacon is alone. If you’ve been to Orchard House, and seen Bacon “interrupting” the alpaca in their most delicate of moments, you know that Bacon needs something to do with his time.

If she arrives in time, maybe I’ll give her a glass of champers. But she’s better get here quick! We even have “His & Her’s” houses – like separate bedrooms for them. I’m excited to see how they’ll make out – I’m a romantic at heart. And the alpaca are moving to another pasture – free from Bacon’s indiscretions. They’ll sleep in the same barn with the llamas, a mini-South American reunion of sorts – with little lambs running in and out of the barn, leaving the refrigerator doors open, and forgetting to brush their teeth at night.

We’re just one big, happy, semi-dysfunctional family here. Ms. Piggie will surely be a hit with the group. And if not, everyone will be polite to her in person, and just gossip about her behind her haunch. After all, we do have manners on the farm!



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