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A City Boy Making His Way in the Country

Today I got lost. Intentionally.

I know I’ve talked too much about living in the country.  Loving the rural life.  It’s what the French would call de trop. Well, too bad I’m an anglophile.

I got lost today.  Gather ye ’round and listen to the tale.  After buying paint – green – for the Walden Room, I decided to see what was up a road.  After driving for 10 minutes I had no clue where I was.  And, to confuse the situation, there was a rather large blue Ford F5000 trying to mount my baby Scion on a small country lane.  So I kept driving.

Beautiful it was.  Colorful leaves, old barns, long-horned cattle, and country roads at their finest.  (Insert John Denver reference at leisure!)  After loosing my car’s new boyfriend, I turned down another road – a numbered route that I vaguely remembered.  Et voila, 45 minutes later, I arrived in Granville, on a road I had yet to travel, driving through Denison University, a campus I had yet to see.

I am Thoroughly Modern Country.  The city is great, but when I lived there, I never seemed to experience all the opportunities that were at my doorstep.  I can get a pizza quicker in the country.  I can learn how to be self-sufficient in the country.  Need to get the ph right in your soil?  Step aside city dweller!  If I need the city, I can drive for 30 minutes and be slurping cosmos with the gliterati of Columbus.  But I can drive home, smell clean air, and watch deer eating the bark of my newly planted peach trees.  (Don’t worry, they’ll get theirs!)

Some of you out there are city folk.  And guess what, you can come and stay at Orchard House for the weekend.  We’ll have the farm style, but the modern comfort.  And if you’re a country mouse, come on down!  There are chickens to tend, new baby bunnies to hug, and soon, there’ll be ruminants enough to make even the most addicted NoDoze patient work double time.  You can even make you’re own apple butter – a memory you can later spread all over your city muffin for breakfast.

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