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I know everyone thinks I lead a glamorous life. But I don’t. I’m eating macaroni and cheese (with tuna) at 9:00 at night after debating for a good 15 minutes whether I should lock up baby Snickers for the night, or let her be free in the pasture with her mother. That was, of course, after making 80 bottles of jam and ensuring our guests are comfortable.

Oh, and today, I dealt with some manure that would make a retirement home nurse blush. I also spread enough castor oil in the fields to send even the hardiest of voles heading for the hills. My dinner now over, I’m catching up with my good friends, Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose, while planning my Tuesday. Wally has grown unafraid of his citronella collar, barking as carefree as a meadowlark. So, I’m thinking of looking into “alternatives” tomorrow. And that means a trip to Easton. And J.Crew:)

Tomorrow I’m also thinking about pulling up some tomato plants and seeding some lettuce. A cool weather crop could be fun, like wearing white shorts or brushing a donkey. I also have to scour the kitchen and cook a breakfast that makes-up for my lackluster performance this morning. I got flustered. The pancake batter didn’t look like it should and I became deflated. Who would’ve thought a batter could destroy your self confidence?!

Another life lesson learned. Now, I’m sleepy. Snickers, enjoy the pasture for the evening. I’m going to drink a glass of wine, pet my Bob Evans, and listen to the wit and wisdom of some elderly ladies who took Miami by storm.

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  1. Sally says:

    OMG Can’t wait to meet you! I am destined for several reasons which I hope to tell you Tuesday when I come to the bed and breakfast. I was just riding by last week and saw it and almost stopped in the middle of the road because of the beauty and I had never seen it before. Then, today, I saw a brochure at Snapshots and knew I had to come. I made my reservations tonight and will see you Tuesday. Is it possible, you would ever entertain having a theatre somehow in your barn?? Its been my dream. Both having a bed and breakfast and having a “red Barn” theatre. I realized the dream this summer when I assisted the Director of the Childrens Theatre at Weathervane. She was /is a genious and I learned so much. Is it a possibility you would want to have a children’s theatre and or summer camp or whatever! You probably from what I have read about you have dreams of your own!!! See ya Tuesday!

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