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wind. and all that bad weather.

The weather has changed. It was cold, and then warm, and now it’s cold again. There was an earthquake in Canada and there’s a Frankenstorm attacking the East Coast. I don’t mind the cold. I can deal with it. It’s the wind. The bone-chilling wind that can cut through my comfortable cotton t’s and and loose-fitting designer knits that really bothers me. And apparently I’m not alone.

The animals have scattered for shelter. It’s a time to see the farm hierarchy first hand. Are you sitting at the barn door, outside? You’re probably pretty low on the totem pole. Are you in the back of the barn, near the hay? Wow, what a big shot! Personally, I like rainy days on the farm. Raking is pointless. and the time you spend outside is as minimized as possible. It’s time to enjoy delicious ginny drinks surrounded by clearance sale microfiber blankets.

Oh, and kittens. I find large cats to be too overwhelming when trying to relax. They also get in the way while cruising the Internet. A kitten is the perfect lap-size heating pad that won’t get in the way of your typing but still provides that extra bit of warmth. Today, while the wind and rain knocks at my window, I’m watching the Adams Family while there’s a bridal shower going on in the bed and breakfast.

Tonight, I’ll layer myself in more Target fleece, wrapped in a boiling hot toddy, and read a bit, or write a tad, or watch TV and cruise Pinterest. It’s raining and it’s cold. That’s what you’re allowed to do. I’m the one closest to the hay in my barn.

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