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It’s snowing. For reals.

It snowed this morning. The ground was already covered with icy pellets, like a large snow cone was dumped from the sky overnight, when I woke up. I don’t know if I really consider that snow. It’s ice. Which is water. And snow is water. So I guess it’s all the same thing. Kind of. It’s a fine – like the difference between wine and a wine cooler. It doesn’t matter though, as real snow was falling from the sky by the mid-morning.

Never mind the ice/snow debate, as it’s already melted. The bigger problem is the wind. And the cold. The donkeys have been locked up for the entire day – an attempt to keep them from the wind. The alpaca have also been relegated to the barn until the wind dies down. And so the llamas, sheep, and goats are the only animals braving the weather to wander the fields. The llamas and sheep have the fleece to do it; the goats are looking for treats. The pigs? They’re inside, asleep in their straw. No need to lock them in – they aren’t going anywhere.

My feet are currently freezing. I like to wear slippers that are a few sizes too big and I’m not wearing socks. I don’t want to walk into the bedroom and get attacked by three kittens. So it’s freezing outside and my feet are freezing inside. And I’m drinking iced tea and watching a lovely TV show called “Animal Intervention.” Right now, they’re trying to get a woman who owns about 30 lions and tigers to give them up to a proper sanctuary. Oh, and she lives in Lancaster, OH. That’s about 30 minutes from us. Zoinks! It’s that kind of a day – a cuddle up with cold feet and ice tea, and learn about death traps close to your home.

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