Windows and doors

The old saying that as one door closes another opens, is true, I believe anyway. But with the front door to the Inn, it was more close, nope that's not right, adjust hinges, close, nope, open, adjust thresh hold, close, open, adjust weather stripping, close, open, adjust lock, close..... You get the idea. I am happy to say that the old front door has been replaced by an even older, more period style, door. And it actually closes properly. Yay. Lesson learned was to carefully copy the hinge template to the new door and to not give up on the the small adjustments. It leads to a much better fit.


We added a shower door to the Charlotte Waters Lee room. There was curtain before and with the limited space it could feel closed in. Now it feels more open and bright. The take away lesson from this one was that silicone caulk is super messy. I had that stuff all over myself and most everything else too by the time I was done.

Finally when we were cleaning the metal framed windows in the breakfast nook for an up coming inspection (teaser – more on that later) it became clear (no pun intended) that the more we scrubbed the worse they looked. So it turned into a total scrape and repaint of the windows. All 56 panes, or better yet, pains. It does look 100% better. Take away from this one, a couple of sharp razor blades are much easier than trying to paint very carefully or tape off all of those edges.


All in all it's been a good couple of weeks. We are feeling good about some much needed work getting done. We have to re-teach all of our regular visitors the latch on the front door actually works and they need to turn the handle. I'll leave the philosophical musings about doors opening and closing as well as windows being a pane or a pain or if they are even a solid, up to you the reader.