Dry January is Not a New Thing at Orchard House

So I've heard of a thing called Dry January. After all of the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving right up to the New Year, there can be a lot of reasons to have a drink. Family stress, money issues, favorite spiced beers, engagements, family reunions, that gifted bottle of scotch, Tuesday.  So maybe cutting back a little is a good idea.


There are supposed to be health benefits as well as far as sleeping better, a general cleansing of the mind and body, and weight loss. It probably would help the bank account a bit as well.

I get it. It just seems like a lot of stress, which makes me want to have a drink.

It did make me think of one of the rooms in the Orchard House. The John Daley Room is named after a time when the house became the first licensed home for alcoholics in the state of Ohio. John Daley and Nathaniel Reed founded the The John Daley home in 1952 ad licensed by the State Division of Mental Hygiene. Mr. Daley said “Patients are tapered off in about 2 days and then begin receiving tranquilizers and vitamin B-1, recreating the need to eat and sleep.”

It was certainly an interesting field of care in those days. We have several documents and photos of the property during that time. Stop by and check them out some time.

Better yet, book a stay and help us raise a glass during our wine and cheese tasting in the evening. Unless you're doing Dry January.