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Cosmopolitan Country


Thirty-five minutes from downtown Columbus, on 12 acres of farmland just outside the historic and picturesque Village of Granville, Orchard House Bed and Breakfast blends contemporary furnishings and artwork, with antiques from around the world - we call the style Cosmopolitan Country. Our wholesome, gourmet, locally sourced breakfasts include ingredients from our farm and gardens and highlight products from our partner central Ohio businesses. Explore the local village and countryside, get a massage, enjoy a glass at our daily wine tasting, snuggle up by the bonfire.



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OUR History

With OVER 200 years of documented property history, Orchard House Bed and Breakfast has been home to local prominent members of the Granville community.

At the end of the Revolutionary War, regiments were awarded land in Licking County as an initiative to settle the area. Over 4,000 acres, including our current 12, were part of this original parcel. After passing thru many hands in the following 50 years, the land was sold to the Licking Land Company and the founders of Granville for more formal settlement and farming. The main manor, a classic, brick Italianate, was built in 1850 by Job Paige and his family. The property passed through more than fifteen different owners in the following one hundred years, which were highlighted by a series of foreclosures and near condemnings, the property was ultimately seized by the State of Ohio for back taxes. In the 1950s the state established it as the first licensed home for alcoholics - the John Daley Home. Saved from demolition in 1969, the house was restored as a family home. The former Granville Manor Bed and Breakfast operated on the site in the 1990s. We have honored some of the prominent figures of the property history by naming the rooms after them. If you would like the full story on them or to peruse the original property records, just ask!

Over the last decade the property has sold several times, now Orchard House continues as a bed and breakfast, offering an atmosphere nodding to its long history but with a modern twist.

We call this style contemporary country.

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our green mission

We are Committed to sound
environmental practices

We have made several efforts to lessen our environmental impact:

•    We support local businesses with a similar vision of lessening our environmental impact and using natural, pure and wholesome ingredients and supplies.

•    Our free-range, all natural chickens produce the delicious eggs we serve.

•    We use organic, naturally, local foods and products whenever possible.

•    Our water treatment system uses natural purification processes to meet quality standards that do not require damaging chemicals.

•    Paper products, laundry and cleaning supplies are all recycled, compostable, or natural products, purchased from our local Going Green supplier.

*    We encourage you to use the offered glasses, mugs and reusable serviceware in place of disposables.

*    In your bath we offer soap, shampoo and conditioner from a dispenser, versus prepackaged hotel samples. These all natural products are custom scented with essential oils. The small soap wedges on the sinks are all natural goat’s milk cleansing bars.  All are produced locally by a mother /daughter team - Lulu and Max. Full bars are available for purchase in our Gift Corner of the Green Room.

•    Of course each new visitor's room or suite is made up with clean bed linens, towels and robes, but for guests staying multiple nights, we will not change them unless requested. If anytime during your stay,  you would like fresh towels or your linens, please let us know.

•    We have programmable thermostats in the Manor and Carriage House.


•    Our major appliances have been upgraded to exceed current
Energy Star requirements.

•    We do not use harmful pesticides or chemicals on our grounds, gardens, or lawn. We use natural fertilizers on our gardens and only natural products in our orchard.

•    We are a TripAdvisor Green Leader hotel.

We constantly strive to find the best quality ingredients sourced from the local farms and businesses. We are members of the Licking County LocAl Food Council 30 Mile Meal program and the Farm to Table initiative.


Orchard House

We use our own eggs from our vegetarian fed, free range chickens. Apples, cherries, blueberries, peaches, and vegetables in season.   
Out the back door

One Line Logo OHIO b.w.png

One Line Coffee

Orchard House is proud to be the exclusive B&B partner serving these ethically sourced and locally roasted beans.     
River Road Coffee House, Granville – 3 miles

Lucky Cat Bakery

Delicious, hearty breads with healthy, natural ingredients.    
Across The Street!

Sunbeam Family Farm

Year Round Certified Organic Produce, honey, and eggs    
Alexandria - 6 miles

Copia Farm

Pasture raised, heritage breed pigs that forage and supplemented only farm raised fruits, nuts and non GMO grains.     
Johnstown – 12 miles

Loudon Crest Farm

Warner & Sons have been making maple syrup since 1877. Pure and simple goodness.            
Granville – 5 miles

Latshaw Apiaries

Natural honey    Alexandria - 7 miles

Petali Tea

All natural and custom mixed   
Alexandria - 3 miles

Three Oaks Vineyard

Locally grown and Ohio sourced grapes, vinted at their farm    
Fredonia - 12 miles

Snowville Creamery

Natural milk the way it used to be. Milk, cream, and yogurt.   
Pomeroy – 93 miles

Ohio Farm Direct

100% grass fed cheeses. Either with our wine and cheese hour or in your breakfast.
Fredericktown – 37 miles